A Long Weekend on the Long, Wild, Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China, spanning the country, is not “a” wall but a series of walls built over hundreds of years.  The wall that many people know today was built in the Ming dynasty to defend against the nomadic tribes from the northern steppe.

Day 1 – Sunrise at Zhengbei Tower


Whilst many sections of the wall close to Beijing have been renovated and rebuilt (about 100km in length), there are many thousands of kilometres where the wall is being slowly reclaimed by nature.  Our guide, geographer, marathon runner, photographer, explorer, author, film-maker and defender of the Great Wall, William Lindesay christened these sections, Wild Wall.

The view towards the Oxhorn from Zhengbei Tower


At the top of the Oxhorn, a 38° section of the wall, shear rock


Day 2 – Sunrise overlooking Village #5, Jiankou


We spent the weekend with William and his family hiking many sections of the wild wall around Jiankou.  He has an intimate knowledge of the geography and history of the wall being the first Westerner to run the length of the wall (in the 1980s) and having thereafter devoted much of his life to it  – what better guide could you wish for.

Looking along the wall to the Y or Beijing Knot at the top of the peak, the meeting point of 3 sections of the wall


Day 3 – Looking from the Y towards Nine Window Tower


An exhilarating, exhausting weekend of early morning hikes, sunrises, sunsets, history lessons and good company.

More photos coming soon.


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